October 2016 news bulletin

Our 2017 conference on persistent pain is filling up fast, with only a handful of places remaining. Don’t miss out, book now. This even will provide you with a full day of CPD-related material on helping patients who live with persistent pain.

This month’s bulletin contains updates on NCOR at the iO convention, the latest on our systematic review of manual treatment of paediatric patients, and the 11th International Alliance on Advances in Osteopathic Research.

The October bulletin is available as a PDF for download.

September 2016 news bulletin

Tickets for the NCOR 2017 conference are being snapped-up by bargain-hunting osteopaths around the UK. Be aware, our discounted fee of £99 pounds expires at the end of October. After then, the full price of £120 will apply. This month’s bulletin also brings our regular update on the systematic review of paediatric treatment, and some news about PILARS and PREOS and the 11th International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research.

The September bulletin is available as a PDF to download.

August 2016 news bulletin

Tickets for the NCOR 2017 Conference are now available! Book now to take advantage of our early-bird price of just £99 for a full day’s CPD. Speakers from the fields of osteopathy, neuroscience and psychology will be talking about the latest research and guidelines for helping people with persistent pain. The afternoon session will be a series of workshops so you will take home some practical techniques for helping patients in your clinic.

All that, plus updates on the systematic review of paediatric treatment, the latest from our research hubs, and a survey about postural assessment.

The August bulletin is available as a PDF to download.

July 2016 news bulletin

Celebrations for NCOR’s previous director Professor Ann Moore as she was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. All at NCOR are delighted for Ann, who deserves this recognition for her hard work in research and manual therapies.

Updates on our conference, systematic review, and the research hubs… it’s been another busy month at NCOR!

July’s bulletin is available as a PDF to download.

June 2016 news bulletin

June saw NCOR invited by the Deparment of Health to a stakeholder event on the reform of regulation of UK health professions. Government feels that the roles and responsibilities of the professional regulatory bodies need to be clarified. NCOR are pleased to have been invited, and we will keep you informed as the process continues.

We’re also continuing with our systematic review of paediatric treatment, and we’re close to starting the hard work of reading and analysing each paper that has made it through the initial sifting. Prior to this, we need to order several papers that we don’t otherwise have access to, and add them to the pile of nearly 100 papers we’re considering at the moment.

Finally, our Centre For Review volunteers continue to generously donate their precious spare time to collating the latest evidence for busy osteopaths to read in bite-size chunks.

June’s bulletin is available as a PDF to download.

May 2016 news bulletin

Another busy month at NCOR (when isn’t it?) with plenty of progress in all our projects. We’re making headway with the systematic review of paediatric patients, and our volunteers are also progressing with each of their chosen evidence summaries. Our January 2017 conference edges ever-closer towards a date and location, while senior research office Carol Fawkes has summarised fifty-nine trials looking at back pain and neck pain. Plus we’re talking at regional societies and colleges throughout the UK, as well as collecting glowing reports from patients with PREOS. Phew!

The full May 2016 bulletin is available as a PDF.

NICE draft guidelines for low back pain 2016

A press-release about the latest draft guidelines for low back pain from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) describes how massage and manipulation are recommended alongside exercise for low back pain (LBP). People with LBP should also be supported in maintaining regular daily activities according to the draft, which is currently under discussion.

Osteopaths are trained in joint manipulation as part of their standard curriculum, and utilise “soft tissue” techniques that are closely related to massage. Osteopaths also typically provide advice and guidance for patients on exercise and stretching techniques. This overall package of care can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs and abilities.

The process that NICE follows when updating their guidelines involves consultation with parties who register as stakeholders. This includes NCOR, the General Osteopathic Council, and the Institute of Osteopathy. At the time of writing, NCOR is facilitating the discussion between these organisations; we are examining the documents in detail and preparing a response to the draft guidelines. All registered stakeholders can provide a response by 5th May, and the content of these responses will be examined before final guidelines are published in September.

Osteopaths are invited to send their thoughts to NCOR using our feedback form.

In the meantime we welcome the continued work by NICE to provide clear, evidence-informed guidance to clinicians and patients, and for the opportunity to respond to this draft.

February 2016 news bulletin

It’s full steam ahead for NCOR’s “Centre For Reviews” (CFR). Our systematic reviewer has been appointed, and will shortly start work on the review of manual therapies for paediatric patients. We’re working with a handful of volunteers to update our evidence summaries, and ensure that this valuable resource is kept up to date. Finally, let us know your thoughts on our plans for a research conference in January 2017.

Read more in the full bulletin: http://www.ncor.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/NCOR_news-2016-02.pdf