Pericranial tenderness in females with episodic cervical headache

40 participants (20 with cervical headache, 20 asymptomatic) were assessed in this single-blinded trial. Tenderness was assessed in the suboccipital, temporal, frontal, masseter, upper trapezius, levator scapula, and sternocleidomastoid muscle insertions. Passive cervical mobility was also assessed, and headache pattern (intensity, frequency, and duration) were noted. Read more


Some collected research of interest to osteopaths and manual therapists, organised into themes.

Adjunctive treatments including yoga, mindfulness and qi gong, Alexander technique, t’ai chi, and acupuncture.

Adverse events

Evidence for osteopathy

Headache and neck pain

Lower extremity

Lumbar spine and pelvis

Miscellaneous systematic reviews

Mixed methods studies

Osteopathic relevant research including systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials, qualitative research, and Master’s dissertations titles and abstracts. Read more

Manual therapies in the treatment of babies and children

The first major piece of work that NCOR’s Centre for Reviews and Summaries undertook was a systematic review of manual therapies in the treatment of babies and children. This was published in BMJ Open in January 2018, and is available at Read more

Randomised Controlled Trials


Papers associated with the United Kingdom Back Pain Exercise and Manipulation (BEAM) trial


Brealey S, Burton K, Coulton S, et al.  UK Back pain Exercise And Manipulation (UK BEAM) trial–national randomised trial of physical treatments for back pain in primary care: objectives, design and interventions [ISRCTN32683578]. Read more