NCOR work closely with many organisations, both in the UK and abroad. Most are listed below.

While these details were correct at the time of publication, we advise you to contact the relevant organisations directly to find the most up-to-date details.

Commission for Osteopathic Research Practice and Promotion (CORPP)


A European osteopathic movement for the benefit of scientific research within osteopathic medicine with special emphasis on the mutual relationship between research and practice.

European Institute for Evidence Based Osteopathic Medicine (EBOM)

Website: (Website currently appears to be unavailable).

Board of Directors:

  • Fracesco Cerritelli
  • Patrizia Turri
  • Gianfranco Pizzolorusso

The Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe


The General Osteopathic Council


All UK osteopaths are required to register with the GOsC.

The Institute of Osteopathy (formerly the British Osteopathic Association)


Formed in 1998 but with roots dating back to 1911, the Institute of Osteopathy is the UK’s primary membership organisation for osteopaths.

International Osteopathic Research Network (IORN)

IORN was founded in January 2014 as part of the OIA.


  • Chair: Dawn Carnes, UK.
  • Brian Degenhardt, USA
  • Chantal Morin, Canada
  • Francesco Cerritelli, Italy
  • Patrick van Dun, Europe
  • Michael Mullholland-Licht, Australia
  • William Burke, USA

Member organisations:

Osteopathic Development Group

Visit the ODG website for more information.

Osteopathic Education Foundation


An independent charitable trust set up to advance and promote the development of and education in the science and practice of osteopathy.

Osteopathic Educational Institutes

A collection of all the osteopathic educational institutes in the UK. Get in touch with the individual institutes for contact details.

Osteopathic European Academic Network (OsEAN)


Fosters collaboration among European schools of osteopathy.

Osteopathic International Alliance


Board of Directors:

  • Michael Mulholland-Licht, Austria
  • Jane E. Carreiro, USA
  • Peter Ajluni, USA
  • William Burke, USA
  • Ana Paula A. Ferreira, Brazil
  • Charles Hunt, UK
  • Karen J. Nichols, USA
  • Marina Urquhart-Pullen UK
  • Alain Wurtz, France
  • Linda Mascheri
  • Joshua Kerr
  • Verna Bronersky