Strategic Plan

NCOR’s strategic plans are available below as PDFs to download.


2022-2027: NCOR stakeholders and Trustees met with representatives from GuildHE, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, UK Research and Innovation and CAHPR online. A series of discussions, workshops and online exercises around NCOR, osteopathy and research were held to gather attendees’ views on what NCOR strategy should be in the coming years. Data was collated and analysed by NCOR, and the strategy draft was shared with attendees to ensure that the document represented their views and their perception of the discussions held during the meeting.
The document presented here includes all feedback received and is the final NCOR strategy for 2022-2027: 2022-2025 NCOR Strategy and Operational Plan FINAL

2017-2021: The aim for NCOR remains the same in the new strategy but the focus is modified in the activities planned for the future. Full details are available as a PDF to download: NCOR Strategic Plan 2017-2021 FINAL

2015-2018: Strategy update is availabe here as a PDF to download:NCOR stategy 2015 to 2018

2012-2015: The aim for NCOR between 2012-2015 was to advance, facilitate and disseminate osteopathic, and osteopathic relevant, research to promote good and safe practice to optimise patient care. The objectives required to achieve this mission lie in strategic leadership, advocacy, advancing research capability and capacity, promoting research governance, information provision, promoting use of research to the profession via knowledge transfer and generating funding. Full details are available as a  PDF to download.