Vision and Mission Statement

The development of a profession wide research culture that is inclusive, robust, credible, has national and increasingly international impact and benefits for osteopathic teaching, learning and patient care.

Mission Statement

  1. To establish and develop a comprehensive information resource for osteopathic research in order to promote a mutual research dialogue within the osteopathic profession and with other related professions.
  2. To create a forum that will develop and nurture a pan-professional osteopathic research culture, facilitate linkage of research to practice and identify national research priorities.
  3. To develop a research governance framework and code of good practice in research for osteopathy which links with frameworks already developed by the National Health Service and the Research funding councils.
  4. To increase and improve the profile of osteopathic research at national and international levels with policy makers, HEIs, the NHS and fund-holders.
  5. To increase collaboration in research amongst osteopathic providers and HEIs nationally and with like minded researchers internationally to improve the teaching, learning and research nexus and the quality of osteopathic research generally.
  6. To improve the quality and quantity of research outputs.
  7. To develop appropriate channels for research dissemination e.g. websites, journals etc.
  8. To identify and nurture sources of funding for research activities.