Psychological influence on knee and hip movement after cruciate ligament repair

The authors of this study examined psychological readiness to return to sport in 18 athletes after surgical repair of the anterior cruciate ligament. They also measure strength and single-leg landing biomechanics.

Greater movement of the knee in the frontal plane, and lower movement of the hip in the same plane, were associated with a greater readiness to return to sport. Read more

Patient experiences of osteopathic manipulative treatment

The authors reviewed 16 papers for this study, including both quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative papers used various tools to record satisfaction and expectation levels, showing mainly positive responses from patients. They summarise the qualitative research as revealing that patients consider osteopathic manipulative treatment to be be patient-centred, holistic, and thorough. Read more

Achilles tendon tears may not need surgery

A recent publication in the BMJ indicates that surgery and immobilisation have similar outcomes on Achilles tendon tears. The review examined 29 studies with a total of 15,862 patients. The authors report that risk of re-rupture following surgery was 2.3%, whereas risk of re-rupture following immobilisation with specialised boot or cast was only slightly higher at 3.9%. Read more

12th International Osteopathic Symposium in Nantes: management of chronic pain

The 12th International Osteopathic Symposium in Nantes organized by IdHEO will take place on the 15th-16th of March 2019. The topic will be “Management of chronic pain: emerging concepts and multidisciplinarity”

The scientific committee will chose studies that present innovative research that can have an impact on the osteopathic profession. Read more

Effects of maternal caffeine consumption on the breastfed child

The authors of this systematic review identified 5 papers for their narrative synthesis. They report that maternal chocolate and coffee might be associated with increased infant colic and atopic dermatitis, although it remains unknown whether caffeine is a causative agent. They note that the quality of the studies reviewed was variable, and that evidence for any recommendations therefore remains scant and and inconclusive. Read more

Pilot study exploring manual therapy on the diaphragm for asthmatic patients

This small study of 32 patients explored the effect of diaphragmatic stretching on some measures of asthmatic function, including respiratory pressures, rib-cage excursion, and spinal mobility. The authors found an increase in maximum inspiratory pressure 5 minutes after treatment, and increased flexibility and mobility of the rib-cage 20 minutes after treatment. Read more