Evidence FAQ

NCOR’s director Dr Dawn Carnes has produced a PowerPoint presentation packed full of information for osteopaths who are unsure what to say when giving presentations or providing materials to GPs and local groups.

The presentation is split into sections:

  1. Background.
    • What is osteopathy?

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Moving Matters – interventions to increase physical activity

The National Institute for Health Research has released a review of physical activity and interventions to help clinicians and health service commissioners determine what works, and what doesn’t.

The review summarises evidence from over 50 published and ongoing studies, and is divided into interventions targeting pre-school and school-age children, adults, the workplace, and the elderly. Read more

Bad apples in the news

Two recent news stories have drawn attention to research suggesting that the location of subcutaneous and visceral fat deposists might be significant. Being “apple shaped” — carrying fat around the midriff — is associated with serious illness in post-menopausal women, but the picture for men might be more complicated. Read more

Psychological influence on knee and hip movement after cruciate ligament repair

The authors of this study examined psychological readiness to return to sport in 18 athletes after surgical repair of the anterior cruciate ligament. They also measure strength and single-leg landing biomechanics.

Greater movement of the knee in the frontal plane, and lower movement of the hip in the same plane, were associated with a greater readiness to return to sport. Read more