Centre for Reviews and Summaries

NCOR launched our Centre For Reviews and Summaries (CFRS) in early 2017. This will grow into a one-stop-shop for all osteopaths who want to read summaries of the latest evidence relating to osteopathic care and management. Our Snapshot Summaries are intended to provide a brief overview of predominantly manual therapy and osteopathically-relevant research, with references for further reading. They are not intended to be an exhaustive or systematic review of the literature.

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Kinesiology tape in the management of musculoskeletal disorders

Kinesiology tape may offer short-term reduction in pain but does not appear to provide long-term pain relief Further key messages from this Snapshot Summary include:

  • Pain-reducing effects of kinesiology tape may not be large enough to be significant to patients
  • Kinesiology tape appears safe, relatively cheap, and no serious adverse effects were reported in the literature reviewed

The full Snapshot Summary is available as a PDF to download.