Centre for Reviews and Summaries

NCOR launched our Centre For Reviews and Summaries (CFRS) in early 2017. This will grow into a one-stop-shop for all osteopaths who want to read summaries of the latest evidence relating to osteopathic care and management. Our Snapshot Summaries are intended to provide a brief overview of predominantly manual therapy and osteopathically-relevant research, with references for further reading. They are not intended to be an exhaustive or systematic review of the literature.

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Manual therapy in the management of asthma

Published research on the treatment and management of asthma in adults and children is limited, and is of variable quality. Further key messages from this Snapshot Summary include:

  • Patient-rated measures such as quality of life, medication use, anxiety and exertion tend to improve irrespective of therapeutic modality
  • Favourable changes in spirometric measures are usually seen in smaller, lower quality studies
  • Lack of validated sham treatment is highlighted in several studies

The full Snapshot Summary is available as a PDF to download