National Council for Osteopathic Research

Conference 2019:
Clinical Conundrums

NCOR are delighted to announce our upcoming conference titled “Clinical Conundrums” will take place in March 2019. This full day of lectures and interactive workshops will feature the latest research on exploring and managing uncertainty in a variety of clinical situations.

Uncertainty is common in clinical practice, and tolerance of uncertainty is an essential skill. Patients seek information from their clinician in order to make informed decisions about their care. But uncertainty around this information might be difficult to communicate, and the patient’s perspective may vary from the clinician’s.

Lack of experience can contribute to uncertainty and fear that clinicians experience when handling patient complaints. However, experience alone is no guarantee of protection, since a lack of knowledge regarding common complaints is itself associated with attracting patient complaints. Regulators are obliged to make serious complaints a matter of public record, but minor complaints might be resolved within the clinic, so learning from these incidents is less straightforward.

This full-day conference will include presentations as well as interactive and group participation. NCOR will provide a certificate of attendance for all delegates which is suitable to add to your reflective continuous professional development (CPD) folder.

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Ticket price will be £130, although a limited number of reduced-price tickets will be available to those who book soonest.

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