Year Institution Thesis title Award (M. Ost where not stipulated)
2009BSOA Comparative Study of the Anatomy of the Lower Limb Between Peoples of European Continental Origin and African Continental Origin. A Narrative review.
2009BSOA comparative study of the diagnosis, conceptual models, and treatment used by classical and non-classical osteopaths in a specific case study.
2009BSOA Comparative Study To Examine The Utility And Benefit Of An Information Leaflet To Enable Chiropractors, Osteopaths And Physiotherapists To Support Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain To Return To Work.
2009BSOA comparison of the approaches used by chiropractors and osteopaths in treating acute and chronic low back pain.
2009BSOA comparison of the efficacy of Dynamic and Static Stretching on hamstring flexibility and Retention of those effects.
2009BSOA Narrative Review of Common Injuries Found in Adult Professional Musicians.
2009BSOA narrative review of Lumbar lordosis in acute and chronic low back pain patients.
2009BSOA narrative review of systematic reviews on the effect of cervical manipulation on headaches.
2009BSOA Narrative Review on the effectiveness of manual therapy in the treatment of Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia and Vaginismus
2009BSOA Narrative Review on the effectiveness of manual therapy treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhoea
2009BSOA Narrative Review on the Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries in sports players with lower limb injuries
2009BSOA Narrative Review on the therapeutic use of exercises and specifically proprioception rehabilitation on non-structural scoliosis.
2009BSOA Narrative Review: The Relationship between Migraines and Neck Pain
2009BSOA qualitative study exploring clinic tutors’ perceptions of the current management of patients with chronic pain and depression at the BSO. The Philosophy of Osteopathy: A New Hope.
2009BSOA qualitative study into osteopathic clinical reasoning and practitioner variations in the management of low back pain.
2009BSOA Qualitative study into osteopaths’ views on the pain / tissue damage relationship and the influence of these on management
2009BSOA qualitative study into the integration of osteopathic care with allopathic medicine in the rural setting.
2009BSOA qualitative study on accessing an osteopathic education, from the perspective of ethnic minority students at the British School of Osteopathy.
2009BSOA qualitative study on the use and effects of spinal manipulation in clinical settings
2009BSOA quantitative research study into patient satisfaction with a generated diagnosis within an osteopathic clinical setting.
2009BSOA questionnaire study investigating the attitudes and self-reported practices among Osteopaths regarding the management of obese patients.
2009BSOA questionnaire survey to determine how often osteopaths take blood pressure and how the results relate to patient treatment and management
2009BSOA review of aetiological factors for developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related fatigue illnesses in adolescents.
2009BSOA review of risk factors for Nonspecific Low Back Pain in Children
2009BSOA Study Comparing the Importance of the Core Principles of Osteopathy between Second and Fourth Year Students.
2009BSOA study into potential relationships between foot posture and lower extremity injury in recreational netball players
2009BSOA Study of Osteopathic Practice in Singapore
2009BSOA survey exploring when and why osteopaths choose to use structural or cranial techniques.
2009BSOA survey of injuries and physical therapy management in freelance West End performers
2009BSOA survey of job satisfaction and intention to quit of Osteopaths in the UK
2009BSOA systematic review of factors and interventions impacting patient compliance to prescribed exercise and stretching by manual therapists.
2009BSOA systematic review of the benefits of exercise for people with knee Osteoarthritis
2009BSOAn audit of the current standards for recording active spinal movements for patients presenting at the BSO clinic with low back pain
2009BSOAn experiment to compare the effect of soft tissue massage versus static stretch on iliotibial band (ITB) stretch in football players, using a tape measure
2009BSOAn experiment to investigate the effect of existing pain, and pain intensity, on pressure pain thresholds
2009BSOAn exploration into the concept of inhibition in Osteopathy: is there a consensus in definition and application?
2009BSOAn Exploration of Illness Perceptions of Patients Awaiting Osteopathic Treatment.
2009BSOAn investigation into differences between patients’ self-reported levels of anxiety and assessments made by the students treating them
2009BSOAn investigation into hygiene attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of BSO students in the clinical environment
2009BSOAn Investigation into Physical Activity Levels and the Prevalence of Hyperventilation
2009BSOAn Investigation Into the Association Between Post-Partum Low Back Pain and Method of Delivery
2009BSOAn investigation into the incidence of pain & injury amongst surfers in the UK.
2009BSOAn investigation into the opinions of osteopaths on the treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis with Osteopathy
2009BSOAn investigation into the variability of pressure applied by student osteopaths during suboccipital inhibition
2009BSOAn ultrasound investigation of an association between sub-occipital muscle tone and intra-cerebral hemodynamics.
2009BSOAttitudes and perceptions of British School of Osteopathy students towards postgraduate osteopathic research.
2009BSO“Attitudes, knowledge and practices of final year undergraduate BSO students regarding the issue of illicit drug use in the clinic environment”
2009BSOBack Pain in Pregnancy. The views of Obstetric Professionals on Osteopathic Treatment during Pregnancy. How these views have changed since 2000.
2009BSOCan Cross Fibre Soft Tissue Massage to the Calf Musculature Improve perceived and Measured Temperature of the Feet in Female Recreational Exercisers?
2009BSOChronic, non-specific low back pain – effective interventions within an osteopathic setting. A narrative review.
2009BSOClinical Reasoning in Osteopathy: insight into the decision-making strategies of experienced osteopaths.
2009BSOClinical Supervision: A questionnaire survey exploring osteopaths’ attitude to receiving formal support for their clinical practice.
2009BSOCommunicating the Psychosocial in Osteopathic Consultations: Patient narratives and the construction of health identities
2009BSOComparing the Taught and Practised Curriculum of Postural Assessment of Patients with Low Back Pain
2009BSOConservative treatment of Hallux Valgus (bunion deformity); A comparison of the beliefs and practices of osteopaths and chiropodists in the UK.
2009BSOCrunch time- A systematic review of BSO undergraduate research investigating the physiological benefits of soft tissue manipulation for auditing purposes.
2009BSOCryotherapy: What the evidence based osteopath should know.
2009BSODo foot orthotics relieve symptoms experienced by osteopathic patients?
2009BSODo osteopaths screen patients for psychosocial yellow flags
2009BSODoes singing increase peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR)?
2009BSOEndings in Osteopathy
2009BSOFear-avoidance Beliefs of 3rd and 4th Year BSO Students
2009BSOFirst stages of an audit cycle of the current standards for recording Active Spinal Movements of New Patients presenting at the British School of Osteopathy Clinic with Low Back Pain
2009BSOHow student osteopaths perceive their ability to assist patients with depression
2009BSOInterview based exploration into the practicalities of employing Guided Imagery or Visualisation techniques in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
2009BSOInterview Study of BSO Clinic Tutors Attitudes: The Management of Patients with Yellow- flag Risk Factors in the BSO Clinic.
2009BSOIs Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) effective in the management of Urinary Incontinence in older women: A Systematic Review
2009BSOIs There A Correlation Between Extension Of The First Metatarsophalangeal (FMTP) Joint And Extension Of The Hip?
2009BSOIs there a correlation between poor transversus abdominis function and active straight leg raise performance?
2009BSOIs there is a correlation between hamstring flexibility and the range of flexion at the hip joint?
2009BSOKinematic Analysis of Tri-plane Compensations for Artificially Induced Limitation of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint: A Preliminary Study.
2009BSOLow Back Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines: The Thoughts and Opinions of Expert Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists
2009BSOLow-amplitude high velocity thrusts and soft tissue massage in acute low back pain: Does the order in which they are applied affect severity and incidence of benign post-treatment soreness?
2009BSOManual Therapy of Lateral Epicondylitis: A Narrative Review
2009BSOMeasurement of the mouth opening and the pain pressure threshold in a group of tension-type headache subjects and in a control group: Is there any difference?
2009BSOMeasuring body awareness in relationship to health outcome in an investigation into the psychoemotional effects of osteopathic treatment
2009BSOPathophysiology of Focal Hand Dystonia and Associated Treatment Protocols.
2009BSOPrognosis for Low Back Pain: Are BSO Students Equipped to Predict Chronicity in Patients With Acute Low Back Pain?
2009BSOQuestionnaire survey on osteopathic opinion towards the taking of blood pressure as part of the osteopathic consultation
2009BSOReliability of Palpation of the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse: A Systematic Review
2009BSOThe approach of osteopaths and physiotherapists in diagnosing, treating and managing Tension-Type Headaches. An interview study.
2009BSOThe effects of manual therapy on the sympathetic nervous system
2009BSOThe efficacy of manipulation under anaesthesia in the treatment of frozen shoulder
2009BSOThe efficacy of muscular energy technique (MET) versus high velocity low amplitude thrust (HVLAT) on increasing gross trunk range of movement
2009BSOThe osteopathic management of musculoskeletal injury in professional boxers.
2009BSOThe Philosophy of Osteopathy: A New Hope.
2009BSOThe Prevalence of Low Back Pain amongst BSO undergraduate students
2009BSOThe prevalence of non-traumatic musculoskeletal injuries amongst non-competitive recreational cyclists
2009BSOThe Prevalence of Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in the Osteopathic Clinic
2009BSOThe use of osteopathic manipulative therapy in the treatment of respiratory condition: an historical review of changes in theory, praxis and research from the start of the twentieth century to the present
2009BSOTo assess the affect of Whole Body Vibration exercise on bone mineral density – A systematic review.
2009BSOTo explore the effectiveness of Mind training techniques on patients respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems, also how they effect brain-wave activity and pain tolerance levels.
2009BSOTo what degree do practitioners and patients at the BSO hold similar pain beliefs?
2009BSOTo what extent is there a correlation between BSO patients report of pain experience and BSO student osteopaths assessment of their patients pain experience?
2009BSOWhat do patients look for in their osteopath?
2009BSOWhat effect does horse riding duration and saddle type have upon low back pain suffered by dressage and show-jumping competitors?
2009BSOWhat makes people satisfied with Complementary Medicine?
2009BSOWhich factors influenced first year Master of Osteopathy students in their decision to study at the British School of Osteopathy and enter the osteopathic profession?
2009BSOWhy have students chosen to study at the British School of Osteopathy?
2010BSOA comparative study of demographics between ICDC patients referred to the osteopathic clinic vs. the whole population of the HIV day centre.
2010BSOA comparative study of the demographic variables between referred patients who attend and those who do not attend the Ian Charleson Day Centre osteopathic clinic.
2010BSOA comparison between two osteopathic techniques: MET and inhibition on hip flexor length.
2010BSOA comparison of two stretching techniques: Are the functional benefits retained over time?
2010BSOA descriptive study of clinical manual tests reported by French osteopaths to diagnose Sacroiliac and lumbar spine function.
2010BSOA narrative literature review into the effects of negative emotional states on low back pain.
2010BSOA portrait of the Osteopath: A quantitative investigation into the relationship between personality traits, motivations and job satisfaction in qualified UK osteopaths.
2010BSOA qualitative exploration into the osteopathic and dental management of patients with TMJ and/or cervical spine dysfunction.
2010BSOA qualitative exploration into why osteopathic patients, with experience of other manual therapies, continue to choose osteopathy at the BSO
2010BSOA qualitative exploration of osteopaths’ opinions/practices about primitive reflexes in relation to children’s behavior, postural development and coordination.
2010BSOA qualitative investigation into what is the role for osteopaths in the treatment of patients with Cancer.
2010BSOA qualitative study of an osteopathic identification and management of psychosocial factors.
2010BSOA qualitative study: An investigation into attitudes of osteopaths towards screening questionnaires to identify psychosocial factors in patients.
2010BSOA randomised controlled trial comparing functional technique with muscle energy technique on gross cervical rotation in asymptomatic students at the BSO.
2010BSOA retrospective cross-sectional cohort study looking at archival data of patients attending the British School of Osteopathy general clinic during 2008.
2010BSOA study into badminton injuries – why the most common injuries occur and the most effective treatment.
2010BSOA study into the use of taping techniques amongst osteopaths in the United Kingdom, and their reasons for its use.
2010BSOA study into whether more than 10 hours per week of high level sport can increase the incidence of upper respiritory tract infection (URTI) Infectious mononucleosis (IM) or Asthma in athletes aged 16-18.
2010BSOA systematic review of the effect of infant massage in promoting physiological health in mother and infant up to one year.
2010BSOA systematic review of the effectiveness of osteopathy in the cranial field and appraisal of the underlying physiological mechanisms.
2010BSOA Systematic Review of the Treatment Appraches for the Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.
2010BSOAccess to osteopathy for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PPMLD), a carer perspective.
2010BSOAn experiment ivestigating the immediate effect that an osteopathic high velocity low amplitude thrust to an apophyseal facet joint of the c/t junction has on fatigue on the ipsilateral finger flexor muscles in an asympotomatic student population.
2010BSOAn experimental investigation into the effect of two forms of stretching to the pectoralis major muscle on forced expiratory volume in the asymptomatic student population.
2010BSOAn experimental investigation into the effects of thoraic high velocity thrust (HVT) technique on blood pressure and the autonomic nervous system.
2010BSOAn experimental investigation of passive rib stretches and HVLA thrusts on peak expiratory flow rate.
2010BSOAn experimental study into the effects of sympathetic stimulation to the lungs on bronchodilation as measured by peak expiratory flow rate.
2010BSOAn exploration into osteopath’s understanding of the concept of ’empathy’ and its effect on clinical outcomes of both pateints and practitioners.
2010BSOAn exploration of musculo-skeletal dysfunction in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: can manual therapy offer an effective treatment modality?
2010BSOAn investigation into awareness of osteopathy in amateur, student and professional guitarists.
2010BSOAn investigation into how osteopaths apply the osteopathic principles in clinical decision making.
2010BSOAn investigation into new BSO patient perspectives on osteopathic scope of care.
2010BSOAn investigation into osteopathic income in England and variables that impact upon it.
2010BSOAn investigation into the attitudes and experiences of osteopaths and chiropractors in relation to setting up their own private practices.
2010BSOAn investigation into the changes in length of the hamstring muscle after a stretching, or massage intervention compared with no intervention.
2010BSOAn investigation into the communication skills of BSO students: How satisfied are patients with clinical encounters with student osteopaths?
2010BSOAn investigation into the profile of Osteopaths practicing in Switzerland.
2010BSOAn investigation into the relationship between bra size, breast size and musculoskeletal back pain in large breasted women (cup size D+).
2010BSOAn investigation into the relationship between hyperventilation and other physiological and psychological aspects of health.
2010BSOAn investigation into the relationship between the degree of lumbar spine lordosis and the intensity of low back pain.
2010BSOAn investigation into the self-perceived health and health behaviours of practicing osteopaths in the United Kingdom.
2010BSOAn investigation into third and fourth year medical students’ perceptions and knowledge of osteopathy at Imperial College London.
2010BSOAssessing the practice patterns of UK based osteopaths when providing terminal care to a patient with a life limiting illness: A cross sectional survey.
2010BSOAwareness and use of western herbal medicine among UK osteopaths – A quantitative questionnaire study.
2010BSOAwareness of radiation regulations amongst osteopaths when referring for X-ray examination.
2010BSOBarriers towards involvement in treating patients with life limiting illnesses by Osteopaths in the UK: A cross sectional survey.
2010BSOBrain plasticity in chronic pain – evidence and clinical relevance.
2010BSOCan exercise (Bodybalance) improve self efficacy, and effect an internal health locus of control?
2010BSOCan osteopathic treatment help a patient to feel less anxious?
2010BSOCan pain be managed with breathing exercises: a qualitative study.
2010BSOCan soft tissue massage to the head and neck extensor muscles predictably increase and decrease the sympathetic nervous system tone in an asymptomatic student population depending on the intention of the practitioner?
2010BSOCan soft tissue techniques on the extrinsic laryngeal muscles have an influence on the fundamental frequency of the voice of male-to-female transsexuals?
2010BSOClinical audit of low back pain care at the British School of Osteopathy general clinic: a retrospective review of case records.
2010BSOClinical issues related to the treatment of victims of torture – An osteopathic perspective.
2010BSOCultural competence in osteopathic practice and education.
2010BSOCurrent parental attitudes and beliefs towards children’s physical activity and health: Parental support, limitations and barriers encountered through interventions.
2010BSODoes long term participation in training and competitive play alter the structure of the foot and ankle in volleyball players?
2010BSODoes osteopathic treatment during pregnancy decrease the duration of LBP postpartum?
2010BSOEffects of different manual therapy techniques on primary mediators alostasis. A narrative literature review.
2010BSOEfficacy of manual therapies in the treatment of tension-type headache: a systematic review.
2010BSOExamining patient satisfaction of osteopathic manipulative therapy on patients who are H.I.V positive.
2010BSOExamining the pathways, expectations and motivations of patients seeking osteopathic care at an osteopathic teaching school in the UK.
2010BSOExcessive pronation of the subtalar joint and knee symptoms in runners: a quantitative experimental study exploring correlations in the lower limb biomechanics.
2010BSOExploration of the barriers to osteopaths integrating with the National Health Service.
2010BSOHow do osteopaths gain the skills required to market their clinic?
2010BSOInter-examiner reliability of fourth year students at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) on assessment of the cervico-thoracic (CT) junction.
2010BSOInter-examiner reliability of palpation for tissue texture change in the thoracolumbar spine (Levels T1-L2).
2010BSOInvestigating the role of osteopathic health care in rehabilitation of post stroke patients.
2010BSOIs empathy regained after medical training? A follow up study comparing empathy between 4th year BSO students and qualified osteopaths who graduated from the BSO in 2008.
2010BSOIs there a correlation between bilateral navicular drop asymmetry and mechanical low back pain in the BSO student population?
2010BSOIs there a difference between patient profile in France and in England.
2010BSOIs there a relationship between maternal age and labour length? Can osteopathic intervention influence this relationship?
2010BSOIs there a relationship between osteopathic intervention and an overall satisfaction outcome of women’s preganancies?
2010BSOManual and/or exercise therapy in hip osteoarthritis
2010BSONarrative review into the structural and functional effects induced by a lateral ankle sprain.
2010BSOOsteopaths’ awareness, attitudes and referral behaviour with relation to the Alexander Technique – a questionnaire study.
2010BSOQuestionnaire based survey to establish professional racing drivers’ attitudes, knowledge and perceptions towards osteopathy in the UK.
2010BSOService Evaluation of the burden experienced by patients with HIV associated Sensory Neuropathy (HIV-SN) who attend Ian Charleson day centre (ICDC) outpatients’ clinics at Royal Free during October 2009.
2010BSOShould myofascial trigger point therapy be taught at undergraduate level at the BSO?
2010BSOSpinal Manipulative treatment for low back pain. A systematic review of effectiveness compared to other therapies.
2010BSOStatus of osteopathy in Great Britain in the 21st century – an interview study.
2010BSOStill there? – An investigation into the attitudes of faculty members at the BSO towards the current syllabus, with emphasis on whther it does, and should, reflect the original ethos of osteopathy as conceived by its founder, A. T. Still?
2010BSOSymptom patterns, sources, proportions and reasons for referral for patients with HIV infection at the osteopathic service at the Royal Free Hospital clinic.
2010BSOThe biomechanical implications of sagittal plane limitations within foot mechanics: A narrative review.
2010BSOThe effect of knee extensor exercise at different loads on knee laxity.
2010BSOThe effects of high heeled shoes on the cervical spine.
2010BSOThe effects of MET on muscles used in rowing
2010BSOThe efficacy of manual therapies in the treatment of migraine headaches: a systematic review.
2010BSOThe efficacy of osteopathic treatment for headaches – a narrative review
2010BSOThe reported effects of ankle manipulation and mobilisation and their potential role in the management of patients with grade 1 and grade 2 ankle sprains: A Systematic Review.
2010BSOUnderstanding the role of thoracolumbar fascia in spinal function and how this is affected by low back pain and surgical intervention.
2010BSOUse, perception, awareness and attitudes towards of osteopathy by population of gymnasium members. A quantitative study.
2010BSOVisceral osteopathy and the treatment of low back pain: a qualitative interview.
2010BSOWhat are the coping strategies used by active older adults in dealing with the ageing process and why do they work?
2010BSOWhat are the osteopathic approaches to treating rock climbing injuries?
2010BSOWhat do students studying at the BSO percieve the difference between osteopaths and chiropractors to be, and how does this differ from 1 st year to 4th uyear students? An interview study..
2011BSOWhat are people on Twitter saying about osteopathy?
2011BSO4D ultrasound analysis of osteopathic manual therapy in the metacarpophalangeal and proximal interphalangeal joints- a feasibility study
2011BSOA clinical trial protocol into the effects of selected osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) on HIV replication and surrogate markers of immune function in HIV-1 infected adults.
2011BSOA comparison between the treatment approaches of osteopathy and physiotherapists to acute lumbar disc prolapse.
2011BSOA narrative literature review of how the signs and symptoms of typical rib dysfunction are manifested.
2011BSOA narrative review of the role of the hip abductor in iliotibial band.
2011BSOA pilot study investigating the prevalence of functional voice disorders presented to osteopaths and their experience of how effective manual treatment is on the signs and symptoms.
2011BSOA pilot study to assess the potential relationship between serum vitamin D concentration and musculoskeletal pain in people who are HIV positive.
2011BSOA qualitative exploration into the management approaches of UK osteopaths and musculoskeletal physiotherapists to patients with persistent non-specific low back pain, and their attitudes to national practice guidelines.
2011BSOA qualitative exploration into whether osteopathy can help with pain management in patients with endometriosis.
2011BSOA qualitative exploration of strategies used by experienced osteopaths to involve patients in their own care.
2011BSOA qualitative interview study investigating GPs experiences and opinions of an in house primary care osteopathy service.
2011BSOA qualitative interview study to compare how osteopaths and physiotherapists treat and manage patients with joint hypermobility.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation in to whether an osteopath’s pregnancy affects the patient-practitioner relationship, from an osteopaths perspective.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation into osteopaths’ opinions and strategies to managing patients in chronic pain.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation into teamwork in musculoskeletal services in a primary care trust.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation into the osteopathic management of patients with chronic hyperventilation.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation into the role of Bonesetters and their techniques, in an Irish setting.
2011BSOA qualitative investigation into the role of osteopaths in the diagnosis, treatment and management of children with un-integrated primitive reflexes
2011BSOA qualitative investigation of the biodynamic model; the most mysterious branch of cranial osteopathy.
2011BSOA qualitative study into athletic identity and recovery from injury in amateur rugby union.
2011BSOA qualitative study investigating approaches to treatment: by osteopaths and those osteopaths who have undertaken extra training in sports healthcare.
2011BSOA qualitative, interview study exploring the opinions, beliefs and experiences of qualified osteopaths regarding the use and administration of osteopathic maintenance treatment.
2011BSOA quantitative investigation into the use of osteopathic techniques in the treatmnet of children with asthma.
2011BSOA quantitative study into patient adherence to recommended exercises, relating to health locus of control (HLC) beliefs, self efficacy and treatment outcome.
2011BSOA questionnaire study investigating the relationship between Benign Joint Hypermobility (BJHS) and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction.
2011BSOA questionnaire to determine how Osteopaths has altered their practice when supporting patients with Return to Work (RTW) concerns
2011BSOA survey into the proportion of back patients relieved by movement at the BSO clinic.
2011BSOA survey into the uses of Electrophysical Modalities/Agents (EPAs) by UK registered osteopaths.
2011BSOA survey of the use of ultrasound therapy by osteopaths in the United Kingdom
2011BSOA survey of uk osteopaths: current clinical management of patients with tension type headache.
2011BSOA survey to establish what access osteopaths have to cognitive behavioral therapy for their patients suffering with chronic lower back pain.
2011BSOA systematic review of the aetiology and treatment protocols for the osteopathic management of patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).
2011BSOA systematic review of the effectiveness of core stabilisation exercise in the treatment of non-acute low back pain, with particular emphasis on postural control therapies suitable for osteopathic referral.
2011BSOA systematic review of the placebo effect in manual therapy.
2011BSOAn experiment investigating changes in tone of trapezius muscles after mindfulness breathing.
2011BSOAn experiment investigating the effects of soft tissue techniques on asthmatics and non-asthmatics in an asymptomatic student population.
2011BSOAn experiment investigating the inter-rater reliability of passive spinal motion palpation of the cervical spine in an syptomatic student population.
2011BSOAn experiment to evaluate if osteopathic techniques targeting the diaphragm influence lower chest wall mobility, as measured by thoracic excursion, in an asymptomatic, healthy student population.
2011BSOAn experimental investigation into the effects of soft tissue massage on muscle tone of the lower back
2011BSOAn experimental study to deduce the effects of pre-season rugby training on the movement of the Thoraco-Lumber Junction
2011BSOAn investigation into levels of empathy for patients amongst students training at the BSO.
2011BSOAn investigation into the attitudes and beliefs of osteopaths regarding the identification and management of patients who have experienced domestic violence.
2011BSOAn investigation into the attitudes recreational tennis players have towards an effective warm-up and the prevalence of injuries in the tennis community.
2011BSOAn investigation into the awareness of osteopathy as a treatment modality for sonographers with work related upper limb disorders.
2011BSOAn investigation into the effects of a supine diaphragm muscle energy technique on lung function as measured, at certain time intervals, by inspiration capacity using a spirometer.
2011BSOAn investigation into the evidence base of the effects of manual therapy on repair of connective tissue in joints: a critical narrative literature review.
2011BSOAn investigation into the process of communication in the osteopathic consultation and its relationship with patient satisfaction
2011BSOAn investigation into the relationship between bio-psychosocial issues, work related non-specific musculoskeletal disorders and manual therapy.
2011BSOAn investigation into the use of osteopathy as a treatment modality for injuries within amateur football
2011BSOAn investigative study into whether there is a correlation between muscle extensibility and low back pain in elite level rowers.
2011BSOApplication of Neurodynamics in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An osteopathic perspective.
2011BSOCan experimental evidence suggest a significant white coat effect is operational within the BSO clinic with regard to blood pressure?
2011BSOCan osteopathic treatment have an effect on sleep? A quantitative survey.
2011BSOCan proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching of the hamstring muscles affect the angle of the lumbar lordosis?
2011BSOConsent in osteopathy – patient preferences: an information and processes survey
2011BSOConservative treatments to the rehabilitation of isolated posterior cruciate ligament injury: A systematic review.
2011BSOCould osteopathy play a role in the management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? A narrative review.
2011BSODiagnosing a ‘piriformis sydrome’ , and the associated role of manual therapy: a systematic review of the literature.
2011BSODo osteopaths consider the smoking status of patients to be relevant in the prognosis, management and treatment of low back pain?
2011BSOEffects of the menstrual cycle on muscle strength and joint laxity.
2011BSOEfficacy of manual lymphatic techniques: a critical narrative literature review.
2011BSOEfficacy of proprioceptive training in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review.
2011BSOGP referrals and relationships with osteopathy.
2011BSOHow do osteopaths manage and treat patients with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) / Somatoform Disorders (SD) ?
2011BSOImplication of intense exercise in triathletes who present to osteopaths with injury and physical dysfunction.
2011BSOInterview based exploration of osteopaths’ beliefs relating to the concept of vitality and how this informs clinical practice.
2011BSOInvestigating the use of manual therapy by amputees with phantom limb pain: a UK based questionnaire study.
2011BSOInvestigation into the musculo-skeletal injuries sustained during the equestrian discipline of show-jumping.
2011BSOIs assessment and treatment of breathing mechanics a core component when dealing with patients with chronic pain: a systematic review.
2011BSOJudgements and beliefs of student osteopaths and patients about expectations of treatment.
2011BSOLay perceptions of paediatric osteopathy from parents of infants (under two years of age)
2011BSOManual therapy and the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome: a systematic review.
2011BSOMoving towards health – a study to investigate the potential role that existing movement practices might have as an adjunct to long term management of patients within osteopathic treatment.
2011BSOOsteopathic treatment on pregnant women with low back and pelvic pain.
2011BSOOsteopaths’ attitudes to patients with mental health problems – A quantitative questionnaire study.
2011BSOOsteopaths’ Attitudes to Psychological Influences on Pain & Pain Management
2011BSOOsteopathy and pregnancy-related pain: A narrative review.
2011BSOOsteopathy: Unaknowledged resource in the treatment of sports-related muscle injuries?
2011BSOPostural changes in women across the menstrual cycle- An observational study
2011BSOPrevention of buckling in static redundant kinematic chains: a narrative review.
2011BSORecreational golfer’s practice behaviour and the prevalence of injury – a questionnaire study.
2011BSORisk factors for the onset of low back pain amongst professional licensed London taxi drivers: a cross sectional study.
2011BSOStanding examination routine amongst UK osteopaths – a quantitative questionnaire study.
2011BSOThe association between low back pain (LBP), other musculoskeletal disorders and Indian musicians who perform sitting on the floor.
2011BSOThe effect learning to juggle has on reported hyperventilation syndrome symptoms; A Randomised Control Trial
2011BSOThe effect of turban wearing on cervical spine movement and potential affects on headaches.
2011BSOThe effectiveness of physical therapies in improving joint range of movement (ROM) in individuals with haemophilia: A narrative review.
2011BSOThe effects of physical exercise during pregnancy: a narrative review.
2011BSOThe efficacy of stretching, warm-up and cool-down in the prevention of overuse injuries in UK club triathletes.
2011BSOThe Placebo effect; How does it work in manual/physical therapy? Could it, and should it, be used to enhance the effects/outcome of osteopathic treatment?
2011BSOThe role of the osteopathy in professional sport
2011BSOThe technical approaches for physical therapists towards treatment of low back pain in professional and semi-professional fast bowlers in cricket.
2011BSOTowards an osteopathic model of research: a critical narrative review of soft-tissue techniques.
2011BSOWhat are UK osteopaths’ attitudes towards research?
2011BSOWhat contradictions do qulaified osteopaths consider before manipulating the cervical spine?
2011BSOWhat techniques do osteopaths use to treat common injuries found in amateur and professional footballers?
2012BSOA cross sectional survey of attitudes and rates of referral of National Childbirth Trust teachers to osteopaths in England
2012BSOA narrative literature review comparing in orthodox and complementary treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis (‘tennis elbow’).
2012BSOA narrative literature review into whether manual therapy has an effect on symptoms relating to the vestibular apparatus, such as tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo?
2012BSOA narrative review into the effects that shock absorbing insoles have on lower extremity injuries in recreational runners
2012BSOA narrative review into the efficacy of nutritional supplementation as a treatment for clinical depression
2012BSOA narrative review into the use of dietary supplements for the control and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
2012BSOA Narrative Review of Common Injuries Found in Breaststroke Competitive Swimmers
2012BSOA narrative review of computer use and its effects on the physical development of adolescents
2012BSOA narrative review of fragility fracture risk associated with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
2012BSOA narrative review of manual therapy of the treatment of whiplash syndrome
2012BSOA narrative review of the different treatment approaches for lateral ankle sprains/injuries and their efficacy
2012BSOA pilot study: The effect of giving risk information on patient consent and teratment choice in an educational osteopathic clinical setting
2012BSOA project to gain an understanding of the experience of athletes coping with serious injury and the associated management of injury, with the aim of aiding osteopath’s treatment of these patients
2012BSOA qualitative exploration into how osteopaths manage patients with Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.
2012BSOA qualitative interview study of BSO patients’ experience of “shared care” they have received from their osteopath and GP.
2012BSOA qualitative investigation inot osteopaths’ experiences of gender issues in patient management
2012BSOA qualitative investigation into why, when and how osteopaths examine the thorax of patients presenting with low back pain
2012BSOA retrospective analysis of allegations made against osteopaths and chiropractors between January 2004 and December 2009
2012BSOA review of the factors causing a greater rate of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in females than males in sport
2012BSOA study into how life satisfaction influences recovery and work performance in musculoskeletal pain following Osteopathic treatment
2012BSOA study into professional motivations amongst UK registered osteopaths
2012BSOA study into what are the most common injuries experienced by basketball players in London. Do these players seek treatment? Who do these players seek treatment from and if not treated by an osteopath, what is the reason?
2012BSOA study to investigate the prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries in non-elite show-jumpers
2012BSOA survey of stress and empathy levels amongst students at the British School of Osteopathy
2012BSOA systematic literature review on the effectiveness of manual therapy as a treatment strategy for patients with anterior knee pain
2012BSOA systematic review of manual therapy interventions employed in the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
2012BSOAn experimental study into the efficacy of reinforced lumbar flexion mobilisation and lumbar spine cross fibre soft tissue in increasing the active range of lumbar flexion.
2012BSOAn experimental study to determine if there is a correlation between end-tidal carbon dioxide levels and Nijmegen measures for hyperventilation
2012BSOAn experimental study to identify if an association exists between the strength of the inverter foot muscles and the height of the medial longitudinal arch in flexible flatfoot BSO students
2012BSOAn exploration into the manual therapy approach to treatment and management of Psoriatic arthritis: a narrative review.
2012BSOAn exploration of experiences of osteopaths in occupational health
2012BSOAn exploration of the use of manual therapy among children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): a narrative review.
2012BSOAn exploratory investigation of undergraduate students’ perception of cultural awareness in the British School of Osteopathy
2012BSOAn initial interview investigation into the range of symptoms and injuries associated with hurling presenting to Irish osteopaths and the perceptions guiding their approach to management of these symptoms and injuries
2012BSOAn interview study exploring osteopaths’ experiences and practice of qigong and tai chi, in relation to osetopathic practice.
2012BSOAn interview study to explore osteopath’s perceptions of the effects of patient education and patient self management advice
2012BSOAn investigation into oncologists experience and opinion of osteopathic treatment of patients with cancer
2012BSOAn investigation into osteopathic approaches to the assessment and treatment of the thoracic diaphragm with regard to emotional issues: a cross sectional survey
2012BSOAn investigation into student empathy, as perceived by patients attending the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) Clinic.
2012BSOAn investigation into the cognitive and sensory factors affecting the reliability of palpation in experienced and novice osteopaths
2012BSOAn investigation into the difference between the immediate change in length of the hamstring muscles in males and females following a static stretch or muscle energy technique (MET) to the hamstring muscles
2012BSOAn investigation into the possible effects of Muscle Energy Technique and passive stretching to the scalene muscles on lung function, measured by Forced Expiratory Volume in healthy volunteers none of whom have history of lung pathology.
2012BSOAn investigation into whether a non-pharmacological approach to chronic gout management is restricted to diet and lifestyle
2012BSOAn investigation into whether forward head posture is associated with multiple symptomatic sites in the upper quadrant
2012BSOAn investigation of awareness, current use and attitudes towards osteopathy as a treatment for tennis related injuries
2012BSOAn observational study into the association between hip abductors strength and the iliotibial band
2012BSOAre manual therapies justified as a primary treatment for fibromyalgia
2012BSOBenefits osteopathy can bring to The Primary Healthcare System
2012BSOCan alternative forms of treatment and management have a different effects on a Fibromyalgia patients quality of life?. A narrative review
2012BSOCan CAM therapies, including osteopathy help to maintain the function of individuals with Cerebral Palsy?; A narrative review.
2012BSOCorticosteroid injection for the treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome: a systematic review
2012BSOCost effectiveness of treatment using High Velocity Thrusts for low back and neck pain: A systematic review.
2012BSODevelopmental dysplasia of the hip. A critical narrative literature review of its association with secondary osteoarthritis
2012BSODo we have any control? – The extent of the practitioner’s influence on the ‘placebo effect’ within complementary and alternative medicine.
2012BSOEmotional processing (EP) and its contribution to Chronic Neck Pain
2012BSOEmotional processing and its relationship to chronic low back pain
2012BSOEvaluation of the accuracy of medication documentation in a United Kingdom osteopathic training clinic before and after and educational intervention
2012BSOExploration of the barriers to working as an osteopathic associate
2012BSOExtrinsic factors and training errors associated with overuse running injuries and implications for osteopathic management: a narrative review
2012BSOHow do patients with chronic pain feel about ‘accepting’ pain and do pain levels and feelings change after a course of osteopathic treatment?
2012BSOHow do UK osteopaths identify, assess and manage patients with mood disorders? :- an online survey.
2012BSOInappropriate patient sexual behaviour experienced by practising osteopaths in the UK: a cross-sectional survey
2012BSOInvestigating how feminist philosophical perspectives on the body challenge conventional osteopathic thinking
2012BSOInvestigation into the relationship between level of physical activity and acute low back pain in undergraduate osteopathy students athe British School of Osteopathy (BSO)
2012BSOIs there a role for ‘Positive Psychology’ in the management of patients with chronic pain? A qualitative study of BSO tutors opinions.
2012BSOOsteopathic attitudes towards obesity and its treatment and management
2012BSOOsteopathic management of post sternotomy patients
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2012BSOThe use of strain counterstrain for treating musculoskeletal dysfunction: a narrative review.
2012BSOTo investigate views, attitudes and beliefs of fully professional qualified osteopaths towards visceral osteopathy
2012BSOUsing internet tools and services to promote an Osteopathic practice – Osteopaths’ attitudes and experiences.
2012BSOVitamin D deficiency and chronic muskuloskeletal conditions
2012BSOWhat are the beliefs, thoughts attitudes, opinions and clinical experience of practising UK osteopaths regarding theories of the physiological and biomechanical effects of a spinal high velocity, low amplitude thrust technique
2012BSOWhat are the current guidelines and best practice for the use of cryotherapy on soft tissue injury
2012BSOWhat are the potential implications for manual therapists in the assessment, treatment and management of patients with Sickle Cell Disease?
2012ESOThe effects of touch, touch massage and osteopathy on preterm and full-term newborn infants’ growth, stress And sleep behavior: A literature review?
2012ESOA study to determine the short term effects of an HVT to T4, pericardial visceral technique and combined technique on blood pressure and heart rate.
2012ESOAn investigation into the effects of soft tissue and articulatory techniques upon the range of movement of the cervical spine and whether combining the two will have a greater effect.
2012ESOTouching pain? An algometric study on the effect of touch on pain pressure threshold.
2012ESOAn investigation into fascial unwinding of the shoulder complex unilaterally and how it affects the range of motion of the neck in all vectors.
2012ESOExploring osteopathic patients’ expectation of verbal communication during their visit at an osteopathic teaching clinic.
2012ESOAn experimental study: Does postural sway decrease with ankle bracing?
2012ESOA questionnaire study that compares patient expectation for osteopathic treatment at the European School Osteopathy (ESO) Clinic with that a professionally operated osteopathic practice.
2012ESOA comparative study between a lift technique and a balanced ligamentous tension technique to the cervico-thoracic junction affecting grip strength and cervical range of motion.
2012ESOThe interpretation of intention in osteopathy.
2012ESOCellular mechanotransduction: Could this be responsible for the therapeutic results achieved with osteopathy in the cranial field?
2012ESOAn exploratory study into the ethos of osteopaths working in animal practice.
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2012ESOPatients’ attitude towards psycho-emotional elements of health and disease- A questionnaire study.
2012ESOThe research into viscerosomatic and somatovisceral reflexes and their integration with manual therapy, A literature review.
2012ESOWhat motivates osteopaths to pursue research in their professional field? An exploratory qualitative study.
2012ESOAn experimental study to compare the effects on the autonomic nervous system (measured by change in blood pressure and heart rate) of an oscillation technique applied to T1-T5 on normotensive subjects either of two different frequencies (0.5 Hz or 2.0 Hz)
2012ESOA questionnaire of the nature and approach to osteopathic training and practice in Portugal.
2012ESOEvaluation of myo-fascial unwinding of the shoulder complex by qualitative measurement of blood flow volume and rate through the brachial artery using Doppler ultrasound.
2012ESOInvestigating postural sway after a HVLAT of T4 in relation to proprioceptive feedback of the rotatores.
2012ESOA survey-based study in osteopathic complaints from women who underwent a hysterectomy.
2012ESOMechanical pain complaints related to people differing weight and height.
2012ESOThe choice of manual therapy in musculoskeletal injury: A professional dancer’s perspective.
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2012ESODoes the use of a lumbar support reduce muscle tension at the cervicodorsal junction? (levator scapulae & cervical erector spine).
2012ESOPatients’ perception and satisfaction with treatment in an osteopathic training clinic.
2012ESOSpinal palpatory test of the lumbar spine: an interobserver reliability study among students of year 4.
2012ESOAn investigation into training patterns of triathlon participants and the incidence of non-traumatic injuries.
2012ESOThe occurrence of somatic dysfunctions in relation to the Littlejohn mechanics- an experimental study using algometry for the assessment of somatic dysfunctions.
2012ESOA literature review of chronic low back pain and the role of the diaphragm, multifidus, pelvic floor and transversus abdominis; in such a condition does improvement of function of these muscles through osteopathic manipulative technique and associated specific exercise rehabilitation have relevance.
2012ESOA brief guide to the art of wrestling and an investigation into its resultant injuries from biomechanical and osteopathic viewpoint.
2012ESOThe effect of a CV4 osteopathic technique on postural control – A pilot study.
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2012ESOAn experiment to analyse trends in blood pressure readings measured by students at the European School of Osteopathy.
2012ESOThe effects of ventouse delivery on an infant compared to forceps delivery and caesarian section: -a questionnaire-based survey.
2012ESOWhy vets qualify in osteopathy? – A qualitative questionnaire study.
2012ESOA questionnaire of ESO clinic patients to investigate the degree of their satisfaction with patient-practitioner communication and with treatment progression.
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2012ESOAn exploration of attachment theory as an information concept to the therapeutic relationship in osteopathy.
2012ESOAn investigation into the development of the concept of viscero-somatic referred pain and division between osteopathic and orthodox practitioners in regards to accepted views.
2012ESOA questionnaire to investigate the prevalence of injury sustained in a gymnasium environment, comparing people who stretch pre exercise and those who don’t.
2012ESOAn experimental study comparing muscle energy technique versus high velocity low amplitude thrust at the cervical vertebra C2, and their effect on cervical range of rotation.
2012ESOAn investigation into whether or not the degree of hypermobility, lumbar extension and lumbar lordosis have a correlation with low back pain in 50 female individuals.
2012ESOExploring the identity of the osteopaths in Spain. A survey study.
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2012ESOFunctional and psychological outcomes of osteopathy based on SF-36, RMDQ & FABQ questionnaires. – a literature review-
2012ESOExamination of the basic principles of the classical biomechanical model using load transfer in knee joint as an example. Critical literature review.
2013Leeds MetIs there a connection between the foot and low back pain?
2013Leeds MetHow many osteopathic patients presenting with pain have dysfunctional breathing compared to the general population?
2013Leeds MetThe short term effects of osteopathic spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques on respiratory function
2013Leeds MetWhat affect does hypermobility have on a treatment plan in osteopathy and physiotherapy?
2013Leeds MetWhat effect does inhibition of the diaphragm have on forced expiratory volume (FEV1) forced vital capacity (FVC) and peak expiratory flow (PEF) in asthmatics?
2013Leeds MetThe contribution of the audible pop to hypoalgesia associated with spinal manipulation in symptomatic individuals
2013Leeds MetPatient expectations within an osteopathic teaching clinic
2013Leeds MetThe impact of osteopathic soft tissue techniques on the psychological mood of patients
2013Leeds MetThe efficacy of helmet orthotics in the treatment of plagiocephaly: a systematic review
2013Leeds MetTo what degree do osteopathy tutors and students follow guidelines for non-specific low back pain, with regard to exercise advice?
2013Leeds MetThe effect of osteopathic rib stretches on VO2 max in runners
2013Leeds MetIs there a connection between the foot and low back pain?
2013Leeds MetHow many osteopathic patients presenting with pain have dysfunctional breathing compared to the general population?
2013Leeds MetThe short term effects of osteopathic spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques on respiratory function
2013Leeds MetWhat affect does hypermobility have on a treatment plan in osteopathy and physiotherapy?
2013Leeds MetWhat effect does inhibition of the diaphragm have on forced expiratory volume (FEV1) forced vital capacity (FVC) and peak expiratory flow (PEF) in asthmatics?
2013Leeds MetThe contribution of the audible pop to hypoalgesia associated with spinal manipulation in symptomatic individuals
2013Leeds MetPatient expectations within an osteopathic teaching clinic
2013Leeds MetThe impact of osteopathic soft tissue techniques on the psychological mood of patients
2013Leeds MetThe efficacy of helmet orthotics in the treatment of plagiocephaly: a systematic review
2013Leeds MetTo what degree do osteopathy tutors and students follow guidelines for non-specific low back pain, with regard to exercise advice?
2013Leeds MetThe effect of osteopathic rib stretches on VO2 max in runnersMSc Osteopathic Sports Care
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2012Leeds MetWhat are osteopath’s views on the osteopathic scope of practice?
2012Leeds MetThe correlation between motion palpation of the lumbar spine and the Beighton scale measurement of hypermobility; a pilot study
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