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NCOR’s funding from the main organisations within the osteopathic profession is just enough to cover the costs of the small staff team in providing information, running the website and delivering smaller projects supporting osteopathic research. However, if NCOR and the osteopathic profession are going to start to generate robust research evidence for osteopathic treatment and practice, new sources of income will need to be found.

To make a regular donation to NCOR please select the amount and press the PayPal button:

Alternatively you can make a one-time donation for any amount:

or email or phone 020 7882 6131.

Many charities now run schemes asking for small regular contributions, typically £2-3 per month by standing order or direct debit. Although individual contributions tend to be small, when multiplied up over the course of a year, with many individuals contributing, the sums being generated soon multiply.

If every UK osteopath gave just £2 per month to NCOR this would allow us to make a real investment in clinical research projects.

Donations to NCOR are eligible for Gift Aid which means that HM Treasury add £2.50 for every £10 donated. And once a charity starts to spend money on research, it is much easier to find other funding partners to support larger projects.

We hope too that individual osteopaths would be willing to support NCOR directly. Again, just £2 per month per UK osteopath would provide well over £50,000 in additional funding for NCOR. These donations too would be eligible for Gift Aid.

Or perhaps you would be willing to run a marathon, jump out of a plane or hold a cake sale to support osteopathic research!

If you would like our team to help you organise a fund-raising event for NCOR, please email or phone 020 7882 6131.

We hope that you will support our efforts and encourage your patients to do so as well.

For news, watch for announcements in The Osteopath and Osteopathy Today. You can also follow us on Twitter and follow us on Facebook to keep updated.