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June recap

Here’s a quick recap of NCOR’s activities throughout June:

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

NCOR are piloting an app in July to collect data from patients. We’re looking for clinics to help us, so get in touch if you’re interested! Find out more at

Delphi Consensus Study

We’ve been looking at consensus among osteopaths regarding what should be our research priorities. Osteopaths and patients were invited to complete an online questionnaire, giving their preferred top areas of research and rationale for selecting them.

Osteopathic International Alliance

We’ve been working with the Osteopathic International Alliance to prepare for the Institute of Osteopathy conference in October 2014. OIA members will be giving short talks about research in their part of the world (UK, US, Canada, Southern hemisphere, mainland Europe) followed by a discussion about the future and research priorities.

Charity status

NCOR is now  a charity in its own right. Our trustees are Tim Walker, Martin Pendry, Rachel Ives, Steve Vogel and Maurice Cheng. We will be holding our first General Meeting on the 3rd September.

Research hubs

Our research hubs are a great way to get involved with research, and earn yourself some valuable CPD points as well. Among other things the hubs have looked at diagnostic shoulder tests; tinnitus; temporomandibular joint disorders; and plenty more besides. Find out more at

Three year strategy 

We are currently devising our next 3 year strategy for 2015 -18 based on our Charitable objectives, the aims of the Osteopathic Development Group and the Delphi Consensus study.

Next month

There’s plenty more in the pipeline! Stay tuned here on our blog, follow us on Twitter and on our Facebook page to keep updated and to get involved.