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February 2015 news bulletin

Our regular bulletin is out again, with the latest news on our activities during February. You can download a PDF of the February bulletin. We mention our ongoing campaign to raise funds to conduct a systematic review into manual therapy treatment of babies and children. You can read more about our campaign here:

We also list three research papers that touch on a subject that has recently been in the news: the association of strong anti-cholinergic drugs with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. We link to the original paper that caused this story to become a big news item recently, as well as two other papers that osteopaths may find interesting, particularly if you regularly see senior patients, or those with confirmed dementia.

Finally we provide a brief recap of our two new tools that are available for osteopaths and their patients:

PILARS – the Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System, and

PREOS – Patient Reported Experiences of Osteopathic Services.

We encourage all osteopaths to have a look at both these services, and to encourage their patients to use PREOS. Both services are completely anonymous, and will help NCOR provide data on how the profession can improve patient care.