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January bulletin

It’s been a whirlwind start to the new year with plenty of activity in NCOR. Our January bulletin discusses our upcoming campaign to raise funds for research into manual treatment of babies and children, as well as an update on Carol’s PROMs work.

For more information on our fundraising campaign — and to find out how you can help — see

There’s plenty of information about what we intend to research, and what we will do with the results. If you can spread the word by any means then you will be helping our campaign a huge amount.

And of course — please donate! If every osteopath gave just £5 we’d reach our target. If every osteopathy patient was asked to donate just £1 extra per appointment, it would make a huge difference to our funding. NCOR is a charity, and simply does not have the funds to conduct a large piece of research. Consequently we’re asking you to help us improve the continued care of our youngest patients.

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