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NCOR launches new drop-in advisory service

NCOR are launching a virtual research advice drop-in service for osteopaths who are interested in conducting research.

NCOR are launching a drop-in advisory service


Do you have an idea for a research project? Are you interested in how to conduct research relating to osteopathic practice? Are you wondering how to apply for funding? NCOR’s new virtual drop-in advisory service will help you answer these questions.

NCOR Director Dawn Carnes will be available for the first session on April 18th from 9am to midday. Professor Carnes has extensive research experience and has worked in the National Institute for Health Research’s Research Design Service – London for many years, and is an Investigator for projects based at Queen Mary University London, Warwick University and the University of Applied Sciences and The Arts Western Switzerland.

Appointments are available in 30 minute slots. To book an appointment contact us here on the website or email

Please ensure you include your phone number. Skype appointments can also be made available, so please include your Skype contact details if you wish. Your phone number is also required in case a Skype call is not possible.

Note: this service is for practicing osteopaths only. Osteopathic students are advised to contact their academic staff for help relating to their research projects.