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NCOR monthly news bulletin – June 2014

June’s bulletin is now available to download as a PDF pdf. It’s been a busy month! We’ve been looking at consensus among osteopaths regarding what should be our research priorities. There’s also our ongoing work into Patient Reported Outcomes Measures which is based on both a systematic review, and qualitative work with osteopaths and patients.  And we have a new arrival in the NCOR team! Austin Plunkett joins us as Research Assistant. His role involves developing and managing the website, and expanding NCOR’s presence on social media alongside other means of disseminating relevant research to the osteopathic community. Austin’s particular interest is how therapists of all disciplines can best apply theory to practical treatment.

We’ve also selected a research article on atrial fibrilation, a condition that osteopaths will see in their clinics. NICE have updated their guidelines, which suggest that prevalence is increasing.

NCOR are piloting an app in July and will be looking for volunteers to help us collect data from patients. More information about this and our other projects can be found at

For all the details please download the PDF pdf of the June 2014 bulletin.