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Osteopathy on the world stage

It’s been a while since we’ve written our news – mainly because we’ve been so busy!

The recent Institute of Osteopathy Convention 2014 saw involvement from three of the NCOR team. Dr Dawn Carnes joined the Osteopathic International Alliance stream, presenting talks from Steve Vogel on NICE Guidelines, and from NCOR’s Carol Fawkes on the ongoing patient reported outcomes measures (PROMs) data collection project. Austin Plunkett presented our two online tools: Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System (PILARS) and Patient Reported Experiences of Osteopathic Services (PREOS). All these talks garnered plenty of questions, and some interest in how osteopaths around the world might replicate these projects.

PILARS can now be accessed by any UK osteopath. All you need to do is login to the o zone on the General Osteopathic Council website. Click “Resources” at the top, then “Research” on the left menu, then select “NCOR patient incident learning and reporting system”. You’ll see the full background behind the PILARS project, as well as the necessary login details.

After the Convention there was little chance for Dr Carnes to rest, since she was on a flight to Buenos Aires two days later, arriving at the World Pain Conference. Dr Carnes presented a recent randomised controlled trial which investigated how patients cope with chronic pain. The trial included interventions delivered by osteopaths, another example of how NCOR and osteopathy are moving onto the global stage and forging links with related professions around the world.

Dr Carnes at the World Pain Conference 2014 in Buenos Aires.
Dr Carnes at the World Pain Conference 2014 in Buenos Aires.