Background to the development of the Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) data collection system

This project is a three year study which has the following aims:

  • To design and develop a nationwide system of collecting routine PROM data from osteopathic patients;
  • To establish baseline standards for outcomes for patients presenting with musculoskeletal  conditions to osteopaths as a benchmark comparator;
  • To create resources to support osteopaths in the use of PROMs and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures) in clinical practice.


Project stages

The project has been broken down into the following stages:

Stage 1: A literature review;

  • To look at PROM activity nationally and internationally;
  • To look at  the range of different PROMs used in clinical practice.

Stage 2: Initial scoping of the literature and a systematic review of selected PROMs;

  • To scope the literature to identify the PROMs used most frequently in clinical practice;
  • To systematically review of a selection of PROMs;
  • To allow selection of  suitable PROMs to include in the data collection facility.

Stage 3: Qualitative studies;

  • To interview or hold focus groups with patients to identify their views on the use of PROMs in clinical practice, and the different data collection options available e.g. hard copy, online, and via a mobile app.
  • To interview or hold focus groups with osteopaths to identify their views on the use of PROMs in clinical practice.

Stage 4: IT development phase;

  • To create the content for the data collection facility.
  • To pilot-test the system;
  • To identify any refinements required prior to wider piloting of the data collection system.

Stage 5: Pilot data collection phase;

  • To involve osteopaths and patients in piloting the data collection system in clinical practice.  Further information is available: click here.

Stage 6: Process evaluation of the data collection facility;

  • To learn about the experience of patients and osteopaths when using the data collection facility;
  • To identify any challenges and document how they were addressed.

Stage 7: Creation of PROM database;

  • To create a resource providing information about a range of PROMs

Stage 8: Implementation of the PROM  app by osteopaths

  • Introduction of the PROM app across practices;
  • Further development of the PROM app to include additional PROMs.


Update on study progress

Since the beginning of 2015, we have continued to collect data as we pilot the data collection system.  We have also been interviewing clinicians from physiotherapy and chiropractic to learn their views about using PROMs in clinical practice.

PROM data reports

Copies of the reports from across the profession will be available here in due course.