Clinical Resources

Here are some resources you may find useful in your clinical practice. We also have a range of resources related to research on our research resources page, including links to journals such as the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

PROMS – Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Patient Reported Outcome Measures represent an important part of assessing whether osteopaths and other healthcare professionals are improving the symptoms reported by their patients. Different types of PROMs are available depending on why a patient has sought treatment.

To start using our free PROMs service today, read more about NCOR’s PROMs app.

PILARS – Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System

PILARS is a free service available to all UK osteopaths. PILARS allows osteopaths to report, comment, and reflect on incidents that happen in practice. It is completely anonymous, and can be used to guide discussions in your regular clinic meetings and peer-to-peer CPD activities. Visit the PILARS site for more information:

PREOS – Patient Reported Experiences of Osteopathic Services

PREOS is a free service for all patients of UK osteopaths. You can download a leaflet about PREOS (Word document) to print and display in your clinic. By helping collect data from our patients, you can make a simple and valuable contribution to osteopathic research. Visit the PREOS website for further information:

Other clinical resources

Frameworks and Guidelines

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