Current PROM activity in the UK

Since 2009, PROM data have been collected and published through four national PROM programmes in surgical care (Standard NHS Contracts, 2008; Background to PROMs Programme, 2009; HES, 2013). These involve collecting data about:

  • Hip replacement;
  • Knee replacement;
  • Varicose vein surgery;
  • Inguinal hernia repair;

Responsibility for collecting PROM data in the United Kingdom rests with NHS England.

Musculoskeletal-health questionnaire (msk-hq)

A recent initiative in musculoskeletal care sponsored by Arthritis Care UK has focussed on the development of a generic musculoskeletal PROM (Msk-HQ) to be used pan-professionally (M-PROM briefing, 2013; M-PROM development, 2013).  The routine use of PROMs in practice is being encouraged across manual therapy professions by a range of stakeholders including regulators, insurers, government, and by clinicians themselves to allow reflection on their own practice, and identification of areas of appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) (Stevens and Palfreyman, 2012; Tadic et al., 2013).  A range of different resources are being developed to facilitate PROM data collection.   In the chiropractic profession this has been achieved through the Care Response service (, 2012); in physiotherapy via practice management software providers (CSP, 2012), and in primary care through a service called “”.


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