PILARS – Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System

The Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System (PILARS) is a website for UK registered and student osteopaths to use as a learning resource. This platform enables you to anonymously report, view and comment on actual and potential patient incidents relating to osteopathic services, and learn from those experiences.

The platform can only be accessed with a username and password. The log in details can be obtained from the ozone, the General Osteopathic Council website for osteopaths and the secure members’ area of Institute of Osteopathy website:

All osteopaths can access the website at http://www.ncorpilars.org.uk

We have produced a leaflet explaining PILARS, which is available as a Word document for you to download and print: PILARS leaflet. Please also consider printing and displaying leaflets for the Patient Reported Experiences of Osteopathic Services (PREOS) website. The PREOS leaflets are for patient information: PREOS leaflet.

Information gathered from PILARS will be analysed by our research team. Any trends will be fed back anonymously to the osteopathic profession to improve patient care. We will build on the positive aspects of care to help avoid future occurrences of poor experiences or adverse events. NCOR will periodically release public reports from PILARS data, although all data will be anonymised. NCOR reserves the right to edit or remove any data.