Business Promotion and Research

There are a number of ways to collect data that can help you promote your practice, improve and maintain high levels of patient care (which of course feeds into promoting your practice) and improve the day-to-day running of your clinic. For example, you can obtain data on patient satisfaction using clinical audit or collect data on patient care and outcomes through using standardised data collection (SDC) and patient reported outcome measures (PROMs). You can publish any non patient identifiable results from an audit on your website so that the public can see the levels of patient satisfaction achieved in your clinic. For more information about clinical audit, SDC, PROMS and other evidence relevant to osteopathy you can visit the following pages on this website:

Clinical Audit

Standardised Data Collection

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

FAQs and evidence relevant to osteopathy (PowerPoint)

Expanding your practice

Data collected from clinical audit and SDC can help you expand your practice by providing information about your practice and patients that will enable you to promote your services to:

  • GP practices
  • Private medical insurance companies
  • Commissioners

When providing information or giving presentations, our PowerPoint file “FAQs and evidence relevant to osteopathy” has plenty of information that you will find useful.

You can also collect outcome data using a recognised PROM e.g, the Bournemouth Questionnaire. This can help you communicate the effect of your treatments in a credible and recognised way that can easily be interpreted by other practitioners and stakeholders in the above mentioned groups.

Expanding your service to treat through the NHS Any Qualified Provider scheme

A number of osteopaths have expanded their practice by securing contracts with the NHS. They have applied to provide their services to NHS patients through the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme. The idea of applying for AQP status can be daunting, and the process does require a lot of time and attention to detail. However, many osteopaths who are now offering their service through AQP find working with NHS patients has not only increased their patient numbers but have also found that this is very rewarding and professionally challenging.