NCOR’s work in research ranges from directly carrying out research projects to disseminating research findings to the osteopathic community, osteopathic patients, other healthcare providers and the general public. We are able to offer outline advice to researchers wishing to design and carry out research projects within the field of osteopathy, and those who are seeking funding. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Research resources for practitioners

Past NCOR projects

Adverse events studies

The General Osteopathic Council, regulator of osteopathy in the United Kingdom, commissioned four research projects to investigate adverse events associated with osteopathic practice. NCOR was involved in this work. Read more about the adverse events studies.

Standardised data collection

NCOR, in collaboration with practising osteopaths, developed a standardised data collection (SDC) tool for osteopaths in private practice. Read more information about the SDC.

Osteopathic patient expectations (OPEn) study

This project was commissioned by the General Osteopathic Council to gain a deeper understanding of patients’ expectations of osteopaths and osteopathic treatment, and the extent to which these are met. This was carried out to enhance knowledge of the attitudes, needs and concerns of the public and patients who seek the care of osteopaths.

The OPEn project: Full research report (PDF)

The OPEn project: Summary report (PDF)

The OPEn project: Report for osteopaths and the public (PDF)

The OPEn project: Supplement for NHS participants (PDF)

The OPEn project: Survey questionnaire (PDF)

Research resources for patients and the general public

PROMs app – Patient Reported Outcome Measures. If your osteopath has asked you to use our PROM app, here is where you’ll find all the information you need.

PREOS – Patient Reported Experienced of Osteoapathic Services. This free service is available for all patients to anonymously let NCOR know about their experiences of osteopathy.

Research resources for students

The Patient Incident Learning and Reporting System (PILARS) is a website for UK registered osteopaths and student osteopaths to use as a learning resource. This platform enables reporting of incidents relating to osteopathic services, and commenting on those incidents. Students may find it useful to discuss these reports with their peers and tutors, to reflect on their own practice.

Read more about PILARS.